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What is your state of mind?

This is an invitation for every individual to engage with themselves, for themselves, to survive, evolve and thrive in being human and all the the wonder that comes with it.  Meditation is a way to do just that and aid not only the present moment with whole health and well being but also our future.

Listening with you to explore and discover a meditation practice that you love is where I'd like to meet you.  

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Learn to hear your inner voice and tend to your needs by discovering your individual natural pathways to meditation.   Whether you are new to meditation or experienced and curious one to one coaching is is an intimate way to a practice that is specific to you.

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Whether you have a practice, are curious or new, a group session can provide an intimate connection to self and others.  You can subscribe to get more information as on line groups are offered and create experiences for you and your loved ones or team members that are individualized for your group. 

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If you prefer to move and be in nature, let's go!  You'll be guided with movement, words and space to connect with your senses and life force on this sensory journey.  No experience necessary for this wondrous exploration in Instinctive Meditation.   

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Photographic art and Seeker's Portrait Photo Sessions inspired by light, life, being and nature.


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The Story

 Behind the blueberry bushes was the perfect patch of green grass where I could cloud watch and just breathe. The smell of the berries, sounds of the birds, cool grass in contrast to the warm sun and my eyes relax into a panoramic gaze. How did I know at such a young age how to meditate? It is a natural built in survival skill we all have.  In my big family, as a child, it was just what I needed.  As a teenager, I was introduced to more formal meditation by a friend while I was experiencing an aura migraine. I was not cured.  I did become more able to manage them with calm instead of panic and anxiety with practice.  It was the start of my conscious meditation practice and intro into learning various types of meditation amongst other healing modalities. Little did I know it would also lead me into a life long career in spa as a practitioner where I utilized meditation not only for my own needs in health and balance but also in the treatments I offered.  listening and creating meditative experience was my job.  As I began to teach and manage others I found a love of intimate communication and connection.  What do you love?  What do you need?  How do you tend to those needs to create equanimity in your self every day in your life.  Everyone can learn to follow their instincts and find their own individual pathway where rest, relaxation and healing come naturally.

This is Instinctive Meditation.

I meditate, I teach Instinctive Meditation, I create meditative experiences in nature and meditative art.

 Donna Jean Shoemaker 


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